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My younger brother now owns a cyber café!! Thanks to the widely used electronics ads in India platform ruling India’s online market. An idea just struck his mind to utilize a free room near the entrance where he used to spend time in his personal computer.. Instead of just playing PS, he decided to put up a small café by installing few more computers and keeping a charge for use. The idea went very well as it was the first café in our area and the first thing which was required was the “computer”.

OLX.in- a very popular online market with a most heard notion “Bech De” is the most convenient, hassle free, cost-free, reliable Ahhh!! and what not?  Medium which let you crack a win-win deal for your stuff. And guess what!! The very next week of posting a free ad in its website my brother finalized a business-spirited deal and got 2 more computers installed his room. Right now I am using one!

Not only it is used in a medium of English, but can also be easily accessed even in few of our regional languages and as many as 106 languages worldwide which makes it more acceptable and user friendly. Its range is eclectic right from the real estate to the smallest home appliance, from education to beauty of art, and even from jobs to varied lifestyle gadgets such as mobile, furniture, clothes, vehicles and so on..

Listing Benefits-

  • Direct contact of buyer and seller
  • Free ads posting, Time saving, reliable
  • Easy routine, fast forward
  • First Inspection, then exchange of goods
  • Better price than market
  • Best part- Online sharing ads in social network

The steps are very simple to proceed. If you are keen to sell, Click a photo of your product, select a category, upload in the space they provide, give few details and description of your product and POST. Yes!! Your ad is visible. You can subscribe to OLX Youtube channel for help. My brother got the computers by just browsing through those simply posted ads and his experience was very smooth as he is now a businessman with a few simple deals.

Yes this envious behavior also has a solution in OLX.in. As you can see how husband and wife envious of their neighbor’s car act as a detective and compare with their own vehicle. And finally the wife says “Bech De” at OLX. Nothing to worry on that, if you also want to sell your car, all you can do is post a free ad in OLX.in by filling a small description and the expected price of the car. The prospective buyer will call you for a meeting and if he likes your offer the goods can be exchanged then and there. Simple and fast way!!

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