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Job Hub For Aspirants

Mumbai, a city famous for travelers or for those who want to earn money.It is a fast pace city with a huge cultural mix due to people from all over the country. From a career point of view the city is attracting huge number of companies for investment and MNC’s are opening their offices in the city resulting in huge jobs available in the city.

Sectors offering Jobs in Mumbai:

Mumbai famous for film making and jobs related to it in the early years, but not the city too got struck by the IT boom in the 90’s.It attracted various IT and MNC to invest in the city.Now the city is regarded as the best city in the country from the job perspective in terms of compensation or exposure during the job.The people working in the city experience a quality life along with a better standard of living.Various sectors offering jobs in the city are BPO,IT , Banking and Insurance , Telecommunicatons etc.

Aspirants who are qualified with IT degrees or diplomas get ample job opportunities in the city to grow. Various jobs offer like a Back office executive , Sales , IT,Office assistant , Telecaller , mis executive jobs in Mumbai are available.

What is the term MIS?

MIS is a system followed and adopted in every organization to handle the organizational activities and function in an effective manner.It helps in decision making with the help of technology and data compiled together in an accurate manner.It is a continuous process required by every department from top to bottom.It helps in analyzing and decision making regarding the organizational activities.MIS professionals are required in every organization irrespective of their size and industry type.The role of the MIS professional is to determine the facts , design a plan and implement it effectively to scan the results of every action in the organization.It also helps in defining the importance and decision making capacity of every employee in the organization.

It is best profile to combine computer Science with business administration.Large and mid sized companies both are trying to hire best MIS talent available in the market.You need to be excellent in your role and profile to create an edge in the market.

Qualifications of MIS Professional

  • An organization intent to hire professionals with in depth knowledge of technology and organization
  • The candidate should be capable enough to help the staff in analyzing the data prepared.
  • They should be experienced in analyzing the organization data in improving the Company’s performance and overall growth.
  • MIS executive jobs in Mumbai offer a package range from 3 Lakh to 9 Lakh in a year.

MIS jobs are available in huge in Mumbai city due to outsourcing of data done by the companies.A MIS executive should possess good problem solving ability with excellent communication skills to bridge the gap of technology and business.There are various heads under which MIS executive is categorized such as IT consultant , System Developer and Database developer.MIS executive hires with experience ranging from 1 to 3 yrs and after that you can handle a team of freshers or Junior level executives as a Manager.

There are various MIS executive jobs in Mumbai about which you can check on the web .Various job portal websites are available on the internet on which employers list the latest requirements of their organizations.You can create a user account on the job portals,create your resume and can apply for the jobs matching your requirement and educational qualifications. Various Institutes offer degree and post graduation program to students who want to pursue their career as MIS professionals in various organizations.

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