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This is the most important element to getting results with email marketing. No traffic, no sales, Simple as that. Lucky for you, the most important thing is also the easiest. Forget those ‘secret’ SEO tactics. PPC is useless. Article marketing is way too slow. You’re wasting too much time, effort and resources with those three methods. There have been too many search engine algorithm changes messing up the rankings of people’s websites.

Plain and simple, SEO is a huge risk. I find that if you don’t have enough time, money or the correct strategy to outrank all of your competitors, then you’ve wasted a ton of time and resources with nothing to show for. Not only is this method slow, but it’s unstable and unpredictable.

Do the Panda or Penguin updates ring a bell?

How about the Google Disavow Tool?index

There are truckloads of SEO strategy materials for sale out there and all of it requires a lot of labor. Keyword research, backlinks, article creation, etc..

Do those SEO strategies work?

Maybe for a little while, Then Google rolls out a new update and you’re basically back where you started. Forget SEO; use your money where it will actually do you some good. Getting traffic is not as hard as people make it out to be. So why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

The 3 best and most effective methods for getting traffic are:

 Free WSO’s

Solo Ads

Ad Swaps

This is just a quick look into traffic generation techniques that actually are effective. I will go into more detail for the above listed methods as well as other methods that I find are effective in the following sections.

For starters, I would highly suggest using the 3 methods listed above until you get a list into the thousands before exploring other methods of traffic generation. Of course, I will leave it at your discretion if you would like to explore the other techniques discussed in this course at an earlier stage of your email marketing career.

Free WSO’s

What is a WSO?

WSO stands for Warrior Special Offers.

What is a Warrior Special Offer?

The Warrior Special Offer is actually a section on the Warrior Forum where you can offer your product or service to other internet marketers at a “special” price. The price that you give it away for must be at a special discounted rate that is significantly lower than what the public would normally pay for it. You can find a ton of informational products and software as well as services like copywriting and programming.

Since you’ve already created your product, you can give it away in the WSO section of the forum. Each listing costs $40 and additional $40 to bump your thread if it falls past page 3, but in exchange you will quickly grab a large number of subscribers to your list. This is a very fast way to build your list. Very similar to purchasing a solo ad, (described in a later section) but targeted to your niche. Keep in mind that the leads from Free WSO’s are a little different from the traffic you get from solo ads and ad swaps because the people are more likely to purchase lower priced products.

Besides the product you’re giving away, you’ll need a solid sales letter and your sales funnel setup if you want to make some money on the backend. Free WSO’s are a fast and effective method to building your list.

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