Mobile And Tablet Games For Traveller’s Entertainment

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Tablet Games For Traveller

Game apps have become the most popular travel entertainment for travellers all around the globe. Once downloaded, most of these games do not need a Wi-Fi or internet connection to play. Game lovers can be entertained for hours of travel especially that there are many game apps to choose from.

Some of the top downloaded games are listed as follows, most of them being free and available on all platforms.

Tablet Games For Traveller

  1. Cut the rope

A game for all who loves to crack their brain, Cut the rope is a physics based puzzle game featuring cute little Om Nom who wants candy. It is the job of the gamer to cut the rope down to get the candy to Om Nom. With 200 levels that get harder by the number, cut the rope can keep a gamer quite busy for a lot a time.

  1. Temple run

This game can go on forever if you can run that long. After stealing the cursed idol from the temple you have to run for your life from evil monkeys. Many barriers and pit holes are to be crossed. It’s a fun game for all those who are fast with the fingers on the touch screen and entertaining for all who want a competition of high scores with friends.

  1. UNO and Friends

The world most loved family and friend’s get-together card game, UNO has been a popular card game for many years. Now with the UNO game app players can play with sets of other gamers online at any locality in the globe. You could plan with friends or family to paly online or you could simply paly with any gamer online. This fun game can keep you entertained for hours if card games are your thing.

  1. Who wants to be a Millionaire

A brain teaser game that can get you some knowledge of the world around you, who wants to be a millionaire is simulator of the popular TV show of the same name. Taking you’re through some fantastic GK questions can help both in whiling away and time also in gaining some knowledge for the lazy readers.

  1. Jewels Saga

A puzzle / adventure game that needs you to match three or more jewels to go through more than 100 levels. This attractive and colorful game that can get you gaming for hours is easy to get the knack off and can quickly get you through most of the levels.

  1. Restaurant story

Here is a game that simulates the daily work going on at a restaurant for all those food lovers and all those aspiring restaurant managers. This online game keep you entertained for hours during your travel and can also teach you some neat tricks of the restaurants. With many challenges to cover, the restaurant story is must download for game lovers.

These top 6 gamming apps for the mobile or tablet can keep gamers entertained for hours with or without a WIFI connection. So don’t wait much longer and get their latest versions and many others available on the paly store or app store downloaded today.

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