Make Your Small Business Look Larger With a Virtual Office

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When it comes to marketing your business, bigger is better. Even if you arerunning a one-man operation from your spare home office, you can develop a business that looks like it’s being run by a team of undreds of employees. By using a few easy marketing tricks, you can make your brand appear larger than it actually is.

Get a Big Office

A large corporate office will impress your clients and make them believe that you are a large, established business. There are temporary offices that you can rent for low cost that give you a foothold and help you stand out in the industry. When you book a meeting with your client, you can have them meet you at your posh office on an upper floor at a prestigious address. Even small businesses can have a Park Avenue or Broadway address.

Some temporary office space companies have locations across the globe, and will allow you access to all their locations. List several cities on your website and your customers will believe that you have offices around the globe.

Hire a Receptionist

You don’t need a huge budget to have a receptionist for your business calls. There are great services like virtual pbx  that will provide you with call forwarding, complete with menu prompts and pre-recorded greetings. Set up multiple departments and customers will think you have an entire staff at your disposal. Getting a professional phone and answering system will make your company look much larger and will help you to compete with the big firms.

Build a Professional Website

Your website is the first point of contact that will introduce potential clients to your business. Make it as professional as possible. You can purchase web templates online that look as good as any custom made site. Fill your site with dynamic content and people will assume that you are a large company that has an in-house design and marketing team.

Have a Team

Hiring a team doesn’t have to be costly. There are websites that will connect you to freelances that operate on a per-project basis. Ask a few of your freelancers if you can use their photos as marketing on your site. Create a page that gives information on your team and you will appear to have a base of experts running your company.

When it comes to marketing your company online, taking just a few steps can make your business  ppear as solid as the larger, more established firms.

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