Major Trends for Upcoming Smart Phones

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Upcoming SmartPhones

Tech and Trends:- Since our day to day lives are revolving around the smart phones there is an increasing demand for all sorts of applications. This increasing demand for apps has developed a wide market for the mobile apps. Currently the average Smartphone provide PDA (personal digital assistance), wifi/mobile broadband access, touch screen and GPS navigation services.  There are many Smartphone makers who provide various operating systems to be installed into a wide range of mobile phones.  Most of the handsets used today come with API (Application Programming Interface) so it can operate third party applications. This opens the phone for a wide range of applications making a more satisfying user experience.

GPS Services

You will not need a map anymore when you carry a Global Positioning System enabled phone. Even though this service was originally used by individuals who travel to reach a specific destination, now it is widely used to find the hotels, restaurants, cinemas and hospitals by the locals as well. The service industry has already understood the value of these apps and they are investing for better apps as it works as a very effective marketing tool.

Upcoming SmartPhones


If you own a modern smart phone there will be one item less for you to pack for your next holiday. All the high end smart phones come with a camera on par with the basic fixed focus cameras. So, no need to carry a separate camera with you when you are going for your next holiday. Another reason for most travelers take photos from their phones is then they can directly upload the photos to their social media accounts and share with the family and friends. In the very near future the smart phones are going to come with 3D cameras as well.

Apps for Wellbeing

The use of mobile apps are becoming more practical and useful with the introduction of apps that can be used to make our lives easier. With the help of an mobile app you can access information required in case of a medical emergency. Also you can have access for all the information about the local doctors and make an appointment via the app anywhere anytime you want.

Easy Communication

Mobile phones had already revolutionised the way we use the telephone but it keeps on out doing itself by providing so many other mediums of communication. Instead of voice communication now you can communicate with video, send e-mails etc. When you carry a smart phone, practically you are carrying a computer that can carry out most of the simple tasks you would expect your computer to do. It was expected that there will be more social media channels for the users in the coming years.

Speech Recognition

They are still testing the waters with this feature as there are some rough edges that need to be smoothed out. In the latest mobile phones this will be a prominent feature and it will make the input of data faster. At the same time it will be helpful for the individuals who have difficulty to input data using a keypad or touch screen.

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