Internet Money Making Scams and How to Spot Them

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Tech and Trends:- There are so many internet money making scams out there. But how do you spot them? Fortunately, many of them have a few things in common that make them easy to spot.

Wouldn’t it be great to work at home and set your own hours? How about if you make $200 a day while only working just two hours a day? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Most likely because it is. Welcome to the world of internet money making scams. Let me tell you, there are a lot of them out there. Some are easier to spot than others and some are just so damn obvious they are a scam, that they are an outright insult to your intelligence.

Let’s face it, if money was that easy to make, everyone would be rich. Yet for some reason, not everyone is. Huh. Go figure. Lets’ go over some of the scamming techniques:

One scam is to sell you information on how to make money on the Internet. It will usually be presented as a brilliant fool-proof plan. They even act as if they are doing you a favor by cluing you in on it. Out of the kindness of their hearts too. However, they make you pay a significant amount of money for the e-book or “business kit.” You think it will be a piece of cake to make money from this brilliant fool-proof plan. Then you receive the information just to find out that you have to put in a lot more time and effort than was originally stated. Surprise!

Internet Money Making Scams

Another scam is purchasing information on what keywords to use for your website that will supposedly pull in thousands of visitors from the search engines. Do you know how much competition there is for certain keywords? Just placing certain keywords into the pages of your website doesn’t mean that you are going to get thousands of visitors from the search engines as a result. It’s not that easy. No matter what keywords you use, you are competing against every other website on the Internet that uses those same keywords. Some of those sites have thousands and even millions of other sites linking to them. The search engines know this. So whose site will show up on page one of the search results? Theirs. Yours will be pages later in the results. Unless you show up on the first 2 pages of results, you aren’t getting any of that free traffic.

Then you have your Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM. This is usually little more than a pyramid scheme. You sign up (usually with a sign-up fee) and then you have to get others to sign up. The bulk of your income will supposedly be from the people in your “downline”. Your downline is basically the people below you in the pyramid. Unless you are able to get a great number of people to sign up, you will basically have no downline and you will basically make no money. It takes time and effort to build that downline and a lot of those scammers neglect to tell you that part.

Selling e-books is another hoax. You by an e-book that tells you how to start a business selling the same e-book you just bought. This just simply means that you have to find people who are just as stupid as you were for buying that e-book, and then get them to buy it too. Sometimes you are just merely purchasing the rights to sell a worthless e-book. You still have to market it, you still have to advertise it and you are basically selling nothing that can’t be purchased anywhere else on the Net.

Some companies will offer to set you up with a great money making website. They just sign you up for affiliate programs and make a website that looks like everybody else’s website that they set up. They’ll charge you a few hundred dollars to build the site for you. Sometimes they’ll try to get you to purchase an advertising package too. They can run into thousands of dollars and yield very poor results. You’d be better off betting on horses. Your odds of making money would probably be a lot better.

You can sign up for affiliate programs on your own. You can create your own websites with templates provided by a web hosting company. Then you just put the code in the pages for the affiliate programs. You can get articles online that are free for reuse and put them up on your site. That will give you content to pull people in. In other words: there is no easy way to make money and you can often do many of the things yourself that the scammers are offering to do for you. You can also do it at a much cheaper price. All you need is just a little bit of knowledge.

So do your homework. Run searches on the Internet on the companies that are offering these “great deals.” You can sometimes see postings in forums. Not all of them are true but if there are a lot of bad posts that seem to have a lot in common, you might have something there. You might have identified a ripoff. You might have discovered an internet money making scam.

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