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Tablets Features

Tech and Trends:- If you are thinking of buying a tablet, it is important that you are clear about what you want and the options that are essential for you and the ones you can do without.

1. Operating System

This is the most important consideration. Four types of basic operating systems are being used these days and each of these has the advantages, disadvantages and the apps.

Apple’s iOS

This is only used on the Apple’s products. Version used here is same as in iTouch, iPhone and iPod Touch. Only change that has been made is to modify this for fitting larger screen. Apple’s iOS is well ahead for apps and user interface usability. Get one iPhone using an Amazon discount coupon to save costs.

Google Android

Android OS of Google is second most popular OS utilized in tablets. This OS is same as used in number of smart phones. Though similar to Apple iOS it is certainly not the same. Biggest advantage offered by Android is better customizability compared to iOS.

Tablets Features

Microsoft Windows

Windows operating system is fully compatible with OS used for laptop and desktop computers. Window OS was mainly created for moving tablet computers out of realm of only entertainment devices and change these to business tools.


BlackBerry smart phone has its own OS for tablet computer. It is 100% compatible with BlackBerry cell phone making this ideal complementary tablet for users of BlackBerry phone. Check out Flipkart offers before buying any smartphone.

2. Memory

Tablets have internal memory from 1 GB to 500 GB and many tablets have slot to add Micro SD for expanding memory but internal memory cannot be changed. Extensive memory is needed for storing lots of the media files.

3. Screen Size & Resolution

Tablets come in different sizes from 5 inches to 12 inches. Smaller ones are large smart phones. Larger tablets offer more screen estate but are too big for pockets. Mid-sized tablets are portable. Screen resolution is important and higher the resolution, sharper the image.

4. Wireless Connectivity

Tablets have wireless capability and are Wi-Fi – capable. Tablet compatible with 802.11n specifications are suited if streaming lot of video and the downloading of large items is intended. Tablet supporting both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz radio bands shall ensure complete Wi-Fi connectivity.

5. Camera

Many have one or two cameras. Those having two cameras, one will be for use as camera and the other as webcam or the front facing camera. Camera resolution is important as it will have great impact on picture quality and how these can be used. must be checked out for latest coupons for buying smartphones.

6. Speakers

Tablet owners use headphones but there could be need of using internal tablet speakers. Speakers are tiny and do not make big sound. You should check speakers before buying tablet if feasible.

7. Battery Life

Battery life is very important because tablets are portable units and it is affected by size of battery, brightness of screen backlight and time for which tablet remains on. It must be turned off when not in use to save battery.

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