Importance Of CDN For Mobile Devices

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CDN For Mobile Devices

People all over the world are using mobile devices of various kinds to do a lot of things. Apart from the usual functions of calling people and texting, people are also using mobile devices to access the Internet. Some of the most popular activities conducted online are:

  • Shopping
  • Social networking
  • Emailing
  • Conducting online banking transactions and even
  • Gaming – social or otherwise.

It is also true that people use their mobile devices to access websites of business organizations. And this is perhaps the one important reason why every business organization should consider using mobile acceleration solutions and customizing their content for mobile devices as well. One of the ways in which to do so is to think about CDN for mobile devices.

CDN For Mobile Devices

What is CDN for mobile devices?

CDN is content delivery network or content distribution network. Like conventional content delivery networks, mobile CDN also brings together a network of systems and software that make it possible to deliver content. The difference being that the end delivery point is to mobile networks.

Mobile CDNs are used to:

  • Ensure that the mobile device owner enjoys high-performance applications
  • Content of websites is optimized for best viewing on a mobile device
  • Be intuitive about the kind of device that an individual is using so that the resolution and network capacity can be adjusted accordingly and
  • Ensure that the mobile device user gets an equally good experience when he accesses your website from a mobile device or a laptop.

Choosing the right service provider

This can be a bit of a challenge because there are multiple companies as far as CDN for mobile devices are concerned. Going with a service provider such as GlobalDots can make it easy for you to understand how different technologies and systems work. You could also get a handle on how mobile acceleration solutions such as dynamic compression, adaptive bitrate and even reduction of latency can all come into play when you are looking for content delivery for mobile devices.

Intelligence and intuitiveness is key

With any content delivery network for mobile, intuitiveness is perhaps the most important feature. This intuitiveness and intelligence should be able to respond to the kind of mobile device that the individual is using. For instance, if an individual is using smart phones, then it is obvious that the screen real estate differs vastly from instrument to instrument. Content should be able to adapt to these differences.

An individual may also be using various other mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones of various kinds and even Ultra books. With cutting-edge CDN technology, your website should be able to adapt to all of them.

CDN can take care of many things

You may be interacting with your customers in many different ways. And depending on all your communication modes, you should be able to get a content delivery network that can take care of things like social networking, mobile games, video streaming, audio and even images. All of it will ensure that you and your customer continue to interact in a holistic manner.

Thus, going in for the best possible CDN for mobile devices can indeed go a long way in helping you enjoy better brand image and business reputation.

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