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I don’t care what else you have learned when it comes to selling and closing clients. What I am about to share is proven and will work for you in the majority of situations. Here are my golden rules to closing and selling clients for Mobile Services.


1. Show that you have the answers for not just now, however future problems that their company will face. (Remember you are already going into the meeting with information they probably do not know about it. Make sure to leverage this fact and explain that you will consistently be receiving the proper information that will aid their company in the growth process)

2. Respect the client’s intelligence for doing business (So important that you don’t lose sight that just because your prospect doesn’t know about Siri doesn’t mean they do not know about negotiations and conducting business. Make sure you are transparent with what you are getting out of the deal, and keep re-­‐emphasizing what benefits they are getting. You will quickly realize that in this business you will have to resell and reclose continuously in order to be successful. This hurdle is not as high with knowing the information in this course and having an eager client that wants to get mobile exposure and realizes the importance of this reality.

3. Continuously being introducing new services that will benefit your Existing client (You will always need to be coming over the top with new information and new services if you want to survive of residual contracts paying you a handsome amount of money over and over. No need to worry though as long as you are in this community of online marketers you will always is getting information before any business owner.

4. Get them motivated to buy (This is done by communicating a clear message and making the client realize that they are excited to be making this decision. You are talking about a business that has no mobile exposure or very poor exposure. You will be coming in and applying a 180 to their whole image. The result is more business and dividends. No to mention that you will be a top advisor with all the cutting edge info they will need to stay current and informed.

5. Have answers for every objection known to man ( The only to truly master This bullet is to write down every question that stumps you. It will happen trust me. Even if you know this course verbatim there will be those questions that you were not prepared for. However the more you write down the more you remember. And next time the question or rebuttal surfaces are a stud with the spoken word on the spot!

6. Re-­‐iterate benefits over and over (Even after they are closed keep communicating those benefits so you tee them up for the upsells and cross sells. Always have the air filled with positive engagement and overview. This will keep your client motivated to keep paying even before results appear. Remember that you closed them. They bought your pitch about how you are a master, now you can back it by following this course word for word and then you will be on top! Lastly just keep in mind that setting up a referral system with closed clients is something that has brought me the majority of my success. I would say around 90% of my current business comes from referrals. Granted I have been selling offline services for a little under a decade but those numbers have been the same for the past 5 years. The only to get referrals is to ask and give incentives.

Everyone makes decisions differently. In the beginning I find that offering discounts for referrals works well. “Ok Mr. Businessman… I’ll do your deal for this price this month, but I need you to introduce to me to 3 of your friends and tell them that I am good guy/gal!” If you are truly adding a service they will be more than happy to play ball with you. And this just continues to snowball in a positive way for your business. Before you know it your phone will be ringing with referrals. But you will need to do a little hustling in the beginning to get the ball rolling. I have been living the life of my dreams doing high ticket consulting all over the world in the areas of Mobile Marketing, Reputation Management, and Success Coaching. I came from humble beginnings with no exceptional foundation of education, so if I can do it so can you!

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