How to master the art of street photography and to get over your fear

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Tech and Trends:- Street photography tends to be one of the most impressive one. Capturing the lives and expressions of regular people who go about their business is mesmerizing, mysterious and never boring. But beginner street photographers are shy and sneaky, trying not to get caught and more concerned with being discreet and not being discovered than focusing on the art of taking the perfect shot.

To get over your shyness you must begin to understand a few basic concepts about human nature. You must understand how people interact with photographers and the first thing you should know is that most people would not mind you taking their picture as long as they are aware of it. Pointing the camera at someone is a sign of appreciation and admiration. It means that you really like what you see and you think it is worthy of showing other people too. Almost anyone likes attention and actually telling them that you want to photograph them and asking for permission will make them feel important. They will also feel curious, because they will want to see themselves in the photograph. Everyone wants to be acknowledged and that is one of the first things you learn in Street Photography courses.

So stop trying to be sneaky, that only makes people doubt you. Instead strike up conversations, say “Hi” and make sure you smile. There is no reason to fear people and when you will start doing this you will notice that people actually want to help you and will pose for you.howtomastertheartofstreetphotographyandtogetoveryourfear

Change your mentality

Try to change your mentality from stealing a picture to creating art. You are not stealing the soul of the subject of your picture, you are creating something beautiful. You are a creator and are there to be relaxed and focus on your art. Don`t look like a thief who wants to take a quick photo and then run away. People will respect you more when you are intentional about your art.

Show them your work

Show your subjects the photographs you just made. Ask for their opinion and send them a .JPEG. You owe that to them and getting more positive feedback and good reactions will help you gain more confidence in the future and become bolder. You also need to get close to your subjects to take good photographs, so try to engage and get close enough.

Be careful

As much as boldness matters, be careful who you shoot. If your gut feeling tells you that the situation is inappropriate or that a certain someone might be dangerous or react in a dubious matter avoid taking a picture. Choose wisely the spots where you can photograph and start with safer areas if you are just starting to conquer street photography.


Sometimes a good strategy is to pretend that you are taking the photo for something in particular or that you are a tourist and that you are photographing the background. Pretend you are focusing on something else and don`t look directly at your subjects. This works very well if you are at a distance, people will not be bothered by you and this way you`ll get a unique shot.

When taking photos on the street make sure you focus correctly and that all the settings are right, you might not get second chances. If you`d like to learn more about the art of street photography take some courses. Photoion has great Street Photography and Macro Photography courses and you`ll learn a whole lot about technique, but also about how to start and gain confidence.

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