Google Glass: The dates for the key event of 2014 for developers have already been set!

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xThe dates for Google I/O have been announced by Sundar Pichai, the vice-president of Google Products and executive in charge of Chrome and Android development. The date as stated on his Google page, has been scheduled for June on the 25th and 26th, respectively. Google I/O will be organized in the same manner as it was during the previous year at Moscone West of San Francisco; individuals who have registered their interest in attending the event will be selected by draw.

At present, no detailed information on the programme or on the registration process has been provided by the group although it is expected that more detailed information should be made available in a month’s time from now. Nevertheless, it is very likely that this year’s event will mostly be dedicated to Android 4.44 (also called Kitkat), the latest Android technology released in October of the previous year.

Other expected topics include Google Glass whose public launching is likely to take place at the end of the year and which will certainly be included as well as the language Dart, Google’s answer to JavaScript which it has invested in for over a year.

However in spite of the importance of these different initiatives it is not certain if Google Glass will be received as anticipated. It is worth remembering that a large number of private establishments have refused to accept this new invention due to concerns of possible negative effects that it may have on the consumer habits of their clients. In other words, executives of such establishments are concerned that it could enable its wearers to steal, trick or cheat.

Hence, as specified clearly by the site, Google Glass has already been banned from casinos, cinemas as well as strip-clubs in the USA. Although it is unknown as to whether the product could make it possible for its users to cheat at different games, casino executives have decided to remain one step ahead and ban the wearing of Google Glass within their establishments.

Use of the digital spectacles is prohibited around card game tables and casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City (the latter being another city reputed for its gaming establishments). Casinos in Cincinnati and yet still, Cleveland as well as those in other cities have also decided to prohibit the use of Google Glass on their premises. Executives of these establishments believe that these glasses could enable players wearing them to cheat since they can be used to take photographs, film videos and connect to the internet.  They are also concerned that they would be unable to provide proof of any possible cheating.

The prohibition of Google Glass in American casinos comes as no surprise since these establishments have never been very fond of electronic gadgets and often prohibits filming or the taking of photographs.

The use of Google’s digital glasses is also prohibited in cinemas and strip-clubs. There is also a bar in Seattle on the west coast of the United States which is also seeking to ban them citing concerns of client privacy as a reason.

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