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Tech and Trends:- By now you should have already created your Google analytics account. If you haven’t you can do so by visiting the url here:

As mentioned in the first section you should have already collected your business goals and should have a clear picture on how many accounts you need, and who will have access to the reports. To enable automated email reporting is very simple. Once you logged into Google analytics click on the Email tab across the header which is highlighted in the screenshot below.

Google analytics click

Upon clicking you should receive a popup window as indicated in the screenshot below:

Google Analytic Dashboard

Below are details about each field:

From: This is who the emails will be sent from which will be yours.

To: Indicates who you want to send the reports to. You can add multiple email addresses in this field.

Subject: What you want the email title to say to the recipients.

Attachments: What file type you want the reports to be sent as? You can choose from CSV, TSV, Excel, or PDF.

Frequency: How often you want the reports sent. You can send it one time only, weekly, daily, monthly, or quarterly.

Day of Week: Indicates what day of the week you want the report to be initially sent on.

Advanced options: This means how long you want to have your automated emails to last. If you want your reporting cycle to continue indefinitely then do not mess with this option.

Once your reporting options have been configured you can go ahead and enter in the text of your email and then click send. Once that is done the next step is to add the GATC to your website.

Add Code

The next step of the process is to add the GATC to your website. However, before you do that you need to have basic webmaster skills. You will need to know how to ftp files to your webhost, and then edit them.

For ftping I would recommend using the opensource tool Filezilla. If you don’t have an idea on how to ftp then watch this YouTube video. To edit files I would recommend Notepad++ which is another opensource program that you can download. Here is a tutorial on how to use Notepad++.

Once you know the basics of ftping and editing files you will be able to add the GATC to your account.

To do this login to Google analytics, click on the admin tab, and then click on the “Tracking info” header link as indicated in the screenshot below:

Google Analytic

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