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Implementing a firewall is the last portion of the Aegis security package, and it is one of the most important programs you can have for security purposes. Firewalls analyze traffic data also known as packets before it comes to your computer to make sure that it is NOT malware. Just think of firewall as a personal security agent. It virtually stands by your computer and checks the identity of any data that tries to reach it. If the identity looks suspicious or is in fact malware, and then it will get kicked out of your computer and into the black hole of cyberspace, or something like that.

It’s always a good idea to get cross references because one scanner could have overlooked a vulnerability that another one may pick up. Therefore you can run another port scanner test here to see which ports you have exposed: In addition, you can have the test results emailed to you after the scan has been completed. If your ports are closed or appear nonexistent then this means that hackers that are using sniffing software won’t be able to know that your ports even exist!

Firewall Solutions

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Window 7 comes with its own Firewall software, but there are alternative solutions on the market that you may want to consider. However, before you install any third party application I would recommend disabling your Windows Firewall as it’s not a good idea to have two Firewalls running synchronously. To do this select start-> control panel->system and security->windows firewall. Once there you can select the “Turn Windows Firewall on and off” link as indicated in the screenshot below:

Comodo Firewall

Comodo is an internet protection suite developed by the Comodo group. It also comes with antivirus software but you can download just the firewall if you already downloaded Avast. The reason why I recommend Comodo is because it consistently has a high score in their protection level. There is a group that tests and measures firewall security known as the Matousec Transparent Security and they have consistently included Comodo in the top three firewall programs.

In addition, the Comodo Firewall program has been labeled top choice by PC Magazine and Gizmo Tech Support. If you have no idea if you should disable Windows Firewall program and use Comodo then I would give you some sage advice. Windows is currently the most popular operating system which makes it a prime target by hackers. It is also not uncommon for Windows to have security vulnerabilities and undergo security patches in order to fix these issues. This right here is enough evidence for me to disable my current Windows Firewall and use a solution that is more robust. You can download the freeware for Comodo here:

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