Empty Property: 5 Tech Solutions to Keep your Home Safe

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You need empty property insurance on your empty house. Let’s face it, in today’s economy, many homes are sitting empty and on the market for months or even years at a time. In spite of lower prices, buyers aren’t buying, and those who wish to sell are often stuck with a home that is empty for a long time.


Remember the kid in the movie Home Alone? He had his house set up to appear as if there were many people there at a party. There are several tech solutions to ensure your home is safe even when you’re not there. Let’s take a look at some of these.


With so much technology available today it’s not too difficult to install cameras in and around your vacant home. You can have remote monitoring and use your cell phone or lap top to check up on your home as often as you wish. If there is an issue, you can quickly call the police in and rest assured that the perpetrators will be caught.

Motion Lights

Install motion lights at all doorways, patio’s and balconies to ensure that if anyone approaches the home the light will automatically turn on. This can often deter a would be criminal or mischief making kids.

Light Timers

Set some lights up in the house and set them on timers or use remote access. You may not be living there, but you can surely spare a few lamps for this purpose and make it appear to be lived in. Set the lights to switch on randomly in some rooms and at regular times in other rooms. This will ensure that it appears someone is home even if the home is vacant.


In addition to the lights, have a radio or television set to turn on at different times or use remote access. This will give some sound and again make it appear that someone is home. There are many inexpensive devices on the market today that will help you to accomplish this task quickly and easily.

Inexpensive Alarm System

You could also get an inexpensive alarm system and have it on at all times. These generally come with signs for windows and the yard that can look very serious should the system be breached.

Any empty home can quickly become a target for kids and vandals that seem to have nothing better to do than destroy other people’s property. Don’t be one of those statistics. Take the necessary precautions to ensure that you’re empty house is safe – that means ensuring you use services like propertytoinsure.co.uk

Drive by and check it often if you are still in the area. If you’re not in the area find a friend or former neighbor willing to keep an eye on the home. Talk with your insurance agent before you move and see what can be done to ensure that your home is covered even if you’re not living there. Take the necessary steps to secure the home with sturdy locks and storm windows as well. Don’t forget to get empty property insurance as well.

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