DOs and Don’ts To Start SEO Practice For High Rank

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Tech and Trends:- Since a lot has been discussed about SEO and thereby achieve good SERP, new webmasters are confused about what it exactly is and how to do it. If you are a web developer then designing website with SEO in mind is a must now days. The best way to kick start off SEO practice is to keep reading, learning, experimenting, analyzing result, making changes and repeat the cycle again and again. Many freelance SEO experts are constantly looking for new ways to do things better, it’s important to keep this in mind.

Here are some of the DOs and DON’Ts to consistently adhere to, in order to get going with search engine optimization. Points discussed in this reading will give you not only consistent, high ranking but also an ideological approach to your efforts. You need to precede to basic seo tips with these points into mind.

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Do not spam: Do not make spam of any form. Most of the people have learned that back links plays major role in deciding ranking. This fact leads to link spam i.e. link posting, blog comments, creating profile pages on prestigious site etc.

Keyword spam: Spaming keywords will result in ban. Inserting one keyword (targeted keyword) even if its use unnecessary is considered to be keyword spam.

Don’t mislead: Do not cheat visitors by providing misleading title to web page. Title of the page must be one-line brief about what is there within that page.

Follow guidelines: Follow guidance provided by authorized and credible people e.g. Matt Cutts and SEO moz.

Don’t implement malicious tricks: Implementing malicious tricks, such as Doorway Page or Cloaking, to increase ranking will kill your website when caught.

Use all means of promotions: Use all legit possible ways to promote website. Promotions like video release, get real twitter followers, podcast release, article marketing, Press Release, Blogging and directory submission should be used effectively without spam.

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