Different Types of Laser Pointers that You Can Use

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If you ever have to speak at a conference professionally or otherwise, you will need some sort of tool that allows you to pinpoint the things that really matter. This can be achieved through laser pointers. These are bright and shiny and allow you to quite literally highlight the important elements of a presentation or graph. All you need to do is point the laser at the thing you want people to see, and it will light up that entire area. Additionally, you can move the pointer to create arches or to underlines for instance.

Thanks to luminescence, you do not see the light from the side itself. This is because only things that the laserlaser-pointer-2 hits will be lit up. This is why you will see slight dust particles if they are around. Some would argue that, rather than being a laser pointer, it is a type of light pointer instead. This is a harmless type of light, rather than the dangers that lasers pose.

However, it is important to understand that not all laser pointers are safe. Indeed, this all depends on its strength. If shone at an eye, for instance, it can cause damage to the retina. Many people will purchase very cheap pointers from countries where they are poorly regulated, and these have a very high output that could be very dangerous to others. Most countries, however, no have strict rules in terms of the output of the laser.

Types of Laser Power

Different laser powers have different colors. These are:

  • Red and orange was the very first type of laser pointer that was invented, which was invented in the 80s. They were very large pointers and would cost hundreds of dollars. Today, these are available at very low prices and they are much smaller. They literally consist of little else than a laser diode and some batteries.
  • Green was the next type of laser that was introduced and it was miles ahead from the red and orange models. It uses crystal injection, which allows it to reach greater wavelengths. It actually refracts of a mirror and this means that the laser can be seen from greater distances. The radiation is a lot more powerful in these as well.
  • Blue pointers are pretty much the same as the green models. However, their radiation is doubled. This is the perfect type of color for presentations on white screens as well.

Laser pointers have various different applications. Because of this, and due to the fact that there are many different types, they also come in many different prices. If you require a laser pointer, therefore, you may want to speak to a professional first. This will ensure that you only spend your money on a device that is actually suitable to your needs, rather than invest into something expensive that doesn’t actually do what it is supposed to do. Spending some time to review the various brands and types is also beneficial.

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