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Tech and Trends:- There are actually several different kinds of private blog networks that you can set up. Here are some of the most common ones that internet marketers use and develop:

Blog Networks

Blog Posting Networks

These would be similar to BMR, ALN or a similar blog posting network. These networks generally consist of blogs of various page rank (often mostly in the PR 0-3 range). With the paid networks, you would usually log into their admin interface – and then use that interface to submit a post that would be posted out to their network. One upside of building your own blog posting network is that you can make it niche specific (which seems important post-Penguin). Or you can also keep it generic and use it to promote a wide range of different sites, and see how that works for you (I actually do both).

Satellite Site Blog Network

These are sometimes referred to as “homepage networks” or “static sites”. With these networks, you do not continually post new content to the site, although you can add pages to the site from time to time. Often they can even be backup sites to your main money sites – so if one of your main sites gets taken down, you have another site ready to take its place. Content on these sites will be very closely related to the site(s) that they support.

Indexing Blog Networks

These are blogs that are set up with the main purpose of helping certain links get (and hopefully stay) indexed. They are frequently used to help the indexing rate of “low quality” links like forum profile links or social bookmarking links.

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