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Ever since human beings started making automobiles, the technology has been continuously evolving. From the days of winding the car to get it started, to starting the engines with a button, the technology has evolved manifolds over the years. Living in an era of use and throw, people have taken to upgrading their cars as soon as a new technology comes up. Much like a Smartphone, cars are also being discarded for newer and exciting versions. Even though one does not need a new phone, one wants it. Although this practice is not so popular in India, as in many other countries, it would be only a matter of time until this trend too catches on in here.

Modern automobiles are packed with technology – right from the engine to the dashboard and exteriors, the car comes loaded with technology and features. Some technologies improve the efficiency of the car in many ways and some other simply makes it more comfortable and luxurious to drive around. Here is a look at some of the technologies that can be found on the cars of modern days.  Also check out upcoming cars India.


Engine technologies – Engines have become more sophisticated and advanced with the passage of time. Several technologies like CDRI, MPFI and the like have made the lives of the drives easier than ever before. Super refined engines with high performance not only ensure better fuel economy, but also greater ride quality.

Features – When it comes to technologies in cars, there is no dearth of gadgets and features ensuring that the car has everything in it to connect with the world on the go. Some of the desirable features in the car include Bluetooth connectivity, rain sensing wipers, speed sensing volume control, speed sensing door locks, push button start, anti glare rear-view mirrors and many more.

Must Haves – The cars of today are equipped with many technologies like touch-screen loaded with apps, all-wheel drive, parking assist and wireless Web access, puncture resistant tires, anti-skid technology, rear-view cameras, and so on.

Safety features – Technological advance has been visible in the safety department as well. ABS, EBD, hill assist, speed warning, side impact beams and many more features that are advanced can be seen on almost all vehicles these days.

Infotainment – when it comes to entertainment, a music player that can play any kind of music software is not enough. It comes with great touch-screen display, comes with Bluetooth connectivity and the like. Individual AV display for the rear passengers, internet connectivity and all are becoming a norm by the passage of days.

Although many of the technological changes might seem not a necessary at all, certain useful technologies have helped save lives. Hence, it can be concluded that car and technology need to go hand in hand.

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