Buy Tumblr Followers And Become Rich? Not So Fast

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Tech and Trends:- Tumblr is one of the more well-known social media websites out there but did you know that when you invest in building your channel and gaining a lot of followers, you could actually gain more exposure to your website and, in effect, have more sales?

This is because, unlike Facebook, Tumblr pages are actually indexed on Google and so whenever you publish a picture or a story that links to your website, it will automatically be counted as a link in your favor. However, in order to make this link more valuable, you need to have Tumblr followers. But building up a following is really easier said than done, especially if you do it manually. However, it is possible to buy Tumblr followers from the many Tumblr sellers out there.

If you want to buy Tumblr followers in order to jumpstart your Tumblr channel, you can do so by searching for sellers on Google. Search for “buy Tumblr followers” on Google to start buying. Tumblr follower packages are relatively cheap.

A package of 200 followers typically cost $20, while a package of 400 followers cost $30. On the other hand, a package of 800 followers cost $50. If you think those packages are expensive, you can check out gigs for Tumblr followers on Fiverr.  Fiverr is a marketplace website where you can buy online marketing gigs for $5

When it comes to Tumblr followers, you should know that not all Tumblr follower packages are created alike, and while there are those that offer real human followers, there are those that offer automatically created, non-human followers. There are distinct advantages for each type.

As we said earlier, Tumblr pages are indexed on Google. So, if you’re going to use your channel build links to your website, you can use many non-human followers to make your link more valuable. Also, when you’re uploading content, make sure that your keyword is in the title of your website. When you’re uploading pictures, make sure your keyword is in the file name of the picture.

While buying non-human followers gives you more search engine power, buying real human followers, however does give you the advantage of actually reaching out to potential customers, thus increasing exposure to your website and making your content more viral.

In order to make the most of your followers, make sure you’re sharing content that is valuable, interesting and even controversial to your audience. Remember, Tumblr is, first and foremost, a social media platform. You don’t want to buy followers just because you want to build links to your website. If you buy with this kind of mindset, you will be shortchanging yourself.

If you need to buy followers on Tumblr, do so with the intention of truly leveraging the potential of this website. But then again, this is just us and our two-cents worth. You can always buy non-human followers on Tumblr and nobody is ever going to tell you that you made a wrong decision.

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