Are Apple Still the Market Leaders When it Comes to Gaming on Your Phone?

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Apple Mobile Games

Tech and Trends:- Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives and they have made life much more efficient and have evolved in format since their initial introduction. Today, it is even possible to have computer capabilities within a device as small as a phone. These so-called “smartphones” integrate typical communication methods with computer functions which means just about anything you would do on a computer can be done on the phone while on the go. One of the top uses for smartphones today is gaming and the iPhone was one of the first smartphones and was heavily used for this purpose.

Apple Mobile Games

However, with the competition having increased over the years, is Apple still the leader in gaming? Actually, Apple’s top competitor right now is Android and the majority of smartphones owned use either operating system. However, Android devices are much better for gaming at online casinos such as Gaming Club and one of the hottest phones right now is the new Samsung Galaxy S5. An improvement of its popular predecessor, the phone comes with a zippy quad core processor which is a must for any gaming phone. Another option that many like is the fingerprint scanner, this is the most secure method for any phone and can protect sensitive information from gaming sites.

For gaming, the LG G2 is another Android phone that works well and it comes with a well-designed screen measuring 5.2 inches. Also, important is the quad core processor. Rarely will users contend with buffering and sluggish play when their gaming phone has this kind of processor, also, equally important is the 2 GB of RAM that works in conjunction with the processor. If looking for an even larger screen, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is an option with a 6 inch display screen and it’s one of the larger Android screens on the market today. In this area, Android phones definitely outshine the iPhone which is still lagging in the area of screen size.

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