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Useful Travel Android Apps

Information Technology Blog:-There is no dearth of travellers across the world. Some consider travelling as a means to release them and get a break from their hectic work schedule, while others simply want to have some fun with friends or family and treat travelling as a means to bond or reunite. Yet there are some others who travel out of sheer passion. Usually these are the groups of people who don’t care for any planning or scheme. Nonetheless one cannot overlook the importance of planning trips.

Those who constantly scheme may ruin the fun of travelling but those who want to have some real enjoyment may go for trip planners. There are very many ways to plan, arrange or organize a tour. It is good news for people who love to travel and gain experience. Travel android apps present some valuable tips to organize a successful trip for family, friends or soul-mates.

Useful Travel Android Apps

7 handy tips for travelling are provided by travel android apps

  • 7-1 Offline translator with voice

It is a translator device which can come very handy while you are travelling to a land whose language you are not familiar with. It is an excellent travel android app which can translate and read up to 7 different languages without the aid of internet. The available languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish and Bulgarian and so on. It operates on the basis of TTS (Text to Speech) device which allows instant voice input. You can even add new words to the word list.

  • Trip planner

Trip planner is a very useful travel android app which helps to provide information about all places on the earth. It lists out the destinations that you may head to, or the roadside restaurants and cafes. It points out any information that you need to visit a particular place including its latitude and longitude and colourful pictures of the place. Not only this, it facilitates you to share information with your friends and family or you may also save relevant information sent to you by anyone.

  • Cycle hire widget

This is an interesting travel android app which you can use in case you are an eco-friendly person and want to avoid hiring any vehicle to cover short distances. The cycle hire widget is guided by the mantra of “Go Green.” It offers you information about the nearest cycle hiring centres across 5 continents and numerous cities. The cities include Paris, London, Milan, Montreal and such others.

  • Phrasebook PRO

This is one step ahead than Offline translator travel android app. It consists more than 1,100 regular phrases in international as well as local languages all around the world. Regional phrases include languages like French, Russian, English, Turkish, Spanish and many more. You can also download and save any phrase. It also offers you useful information about regions, places of interest, greetings gestures, customs, traditions etc.

  • Backpack planner

It points out 250 vital items that you must take on a vacation. You can also add and edit the item list anytime you want to. They can check or uncheck an item to avoid forgetting any important necessity. You can keep the checklist in store with a password and can also share it if necessary.

  • Marine charts

This particular travel app is for all the sea lovers. The highly specialized Nautical or Marine charts appear with precise navigation chart in waters. Voice notes, alerts and signals are available.

  • Convert me

No matter wherever you are, converter always comes handy. Convert -me app like its name suggests, helps you to do multiple conversions. Conversions include area, velocity, temperature, weight, speed etc.

A Web designer will be able to design and build the above mentioned app very carefully and craftily for all android users. He/she can construct innovative graphics for each of these apps. Web designer himself can also take the help of these apps.

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