7 Best IPhone and IPad Apps of 2015

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These days, one cannot almost live without his or her iPhone and or iPad. Just like food, clothing, and shelter, an iPhone and iPad have become a need and almost every person around the world own one. You could be one of those people who own an iPhone. Well, if you’re sick and tired of your old apps and would like to give it a “pizzazz”, it would be best for you to download this 7 best iPhone and iPad apps of 2015:


If you’re a fan of Podcasts, you’ll surely love Acast. This app brings a great collection of different suggestions for new things to listen to together with the latest episodes as well. There’s a web client for you to use, so you can always continue listening to it wherever you go.


Do you have this messed up emails? Are you an unorganized kind of a person and would like to change, for the better? This is possible and one tool that can help you out is the Acompli app. Acompli can help you by organizing your emails, and for keeping a track of your calendar, not to mention that it supports the Microsoft Exchange for the email-toting suits. This is actually one of the best app you can use, as it lets you manage all of your email accounts, be it for your work or for your personal advantage. With this app, you can quickly search for things, filter emails efficiently and link the file attachments a lot easily. If you want to view, share and schedule your meetings, or get reminders in the most convenient way, Acompli is the best iPhone and iPad app for you.


Enlight is a photo-editing app with lofty ambitions, claiming that it’s the only photo manipulation tool that you need. This app provides many different filters, sliders that can easily control the tone and other options. If you’re a fan of Photoshop, there’s no need for you to worry, as Englight also has its Photoshop tools, like you can switch out the background and mix two photos together, providing you impressive results. It gives you a handy guide, taking you through different options, so you could surely get the most out of it.


Do you love sketching? One of the newest iPhone apps this year is Forge and it’s all for your love of art. Forge is a sketch app with a visual brainstorming tool that can help you with an amazing design process. Simply stack and layer the drafts, concentrate on a single iterations and survey all of your drafts on the wall and you’re good to go.


Protube is a bit slicker than the Youtube app. It can let you stream high quality videos even if you’re wi-fi is off, not to mention that its performance is somewhat reliable, most especially on the iPad. The entirety of the layout is picture based, thus, you could always scroll through the visual list of videos and there’s some sweet animations being thrown in for a good measure.


If you’re looking for a free app that connects people in remote locations who are with the same interests, Tworlds is the best iPhone or an iPad app for you. With this app, you can record your thoughts using the camera of your device.

iPhone, iPads and basically other gadgets are not only for your entertainment, as they are also designed to help you in a good way. So, take these 7 best iPhone and iPad apps of 2015 now and enjoy them!

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