6 Top Candy Crush Cheats and Tips

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Tech and Trends:-  As of now one of the most, the best, popular mobile games striking the scene up to now decade, Candy Crush Saga has become both the source of unlimited enjoyment and soul-crushing agony for many Apple, Android and Facebook users. To help relieve the worries that can come with crushing those candies, we’ve compiled a summary of some of the most popular and effective Candy Crush cheats, tips, tricks and walk through guides to help you conquer the cheats for Candy Crush Saga realm:

1. Infinite Lives via the Facebook App Through the web app, you have the power to open multiple tabs of the Candy Crush game. This is useful when trying to keep a seemingly unlimited supply of hearts. If you reach a hard level, keep those open tabs at the ready. Once you pass it, all you should do is refresh the tabs you weren’t playing that specific level in. Your heart meter will stay intact as you proceed to the next level.


2. Turn Back the Time for Extra Lives For mobile app users, here’s a cool trick to obtain those extra lives you require and deserve: Access your device’s clock and turn it ahead two hours. After that, you can playing without concern with losing any hearts in your meter. Eventually, though, you’ll have to allow counter countdown to refill your meter when you stop playing, but that is possible while you’re sleeping.

3. Always Finish a quantity with Extra Moves Completing any level with moves left over will translate into extra point when the school of jelly fish arrives to do their damage. Also, any power-up candies (e.g. striped candy) will automatically be activated during the “Sugar Crush” event.

4. Living on the Edge When dealing with the ever-frustrating jellies stages, your best bet is always to remove the ones around the edges and corners of the board first. Because these spaces generally have a minimum number of possible combinations, they immediately get to be the hardest to remove.

5. Don’t like the Way the Table is Set? Flip the Table! Solutions if the board set up for the new level isn’t really the way you like. In this case, you can actually shuffle the board before you get a more desirable setup, without expending all of your lives either. On your own mobile, simply open the exact level after which exit back to the board screen before making any moves. Reopen the level to find that your board may be reconfigured. You can do this an unlimited number of times before you get the board you like.

6. Plan Ahead Rather than charging blindly in a new level, it’s best to take a few minutes to survey the layout of the candies and obstacles before you. In fact, Candy Crush Saga is meant to be a strategy game, so a little per-planning can go far.

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