3 Mistakes to Avoid When Editing Photos and Images for a Business

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Are you trying to edit your business photos or images to improve them before you publish them online or use them in other materials? That is certainly a good idea, but when you do edit images you need to make sure that you avoid some of the more common mistakes that people tend to make – or you could make them worse.

In particular there are three mistakes that you’ll want to look out for and avoid when editing photos and images for a business:

Editing the original file directly and saving over it

Honestly you’d be surprised how often people make the mistake of editing the original file directly rather than editing a copy. As a result they may save some of the changes that they make over the original file – and won’t be able to go back to use it if necessary.

Although some photo editors get around this problem by automatically creating a copy when they open an image – it is better to be safe than sorry. Get into the habit of creating a copy yourself, and you will be able to quite easily dodge this issue.

Over-editing photos and images to make them perfect

It is easy to go overboard when you’re editing a business image or photo, and want to make sure that it is ‘perfect’. More often than not chasing perfection results in images that are over-edited, and look unnatural.

Some of the more common ways in which images are over-edited is when too much contrast or saturation is applied in an effort to make the colors more vivid, or too many filters, effects, or vignetting are used. As a rule less is more when it comes to editing, and if you find yourself making a lot of changes to an image you should think long and hard about it.

Cropping too much of the photo or image

One of the most frequent ways in which business photos an images are edited is by cropping them to adjust their size or aspect ratio, reframe the composition, or remove unwanted parts. If you do crop your images you need to be careful that you don’t crop too much of them, or it could have unintended side effects.

Essentially when you crop your photo you lower its size and resolution, and if it is enlarged back to the original size its quality will deteriorate. On top of that you could crop too close to elements in the image, making it look crowded.

Overall it shouldn’t be too hard to find a photo editor for PC or Mac that is user-friendly and will let you edit your business photos and images easily. For example you could try Movavi Photo Editor.

Just be sure to remember the common mistakes listed above when you start to edit any photo or image – and make it a point to avoid them. In the long run that will save you a lot of time and effort that would have to be spent fixing the mistakes.

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