3 Best Stereo Bluetooth Headsets for You

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Information Technology Blog:- Bluetooth headsets are the need of the hour and the new models offer significant advantages when it comes to everyday usage and portability. With governments strictly banning mobile phone usage while driving, it’s the best solution for people on the go. You can listen to music while travelling without the need to untangle wires. Improved battery life and ergonomic designs have made them a necessity in today’s fast paced world.

Features to consider before selecting best Bluetooth headset are call quality, noise cancellation, battery life, price, range, comfort and style. There are two types of Bluetooth headsets- Single eared (Mono) and two eared (Stereo) headsets. Normally mono Bluetooth headsets place call quality over music quality (low cost models does not support music streaming from your device) where as in stereo Bluetooth headset music quality has a little edge over voice quality.

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets

Top 3 Stereo Bluetooth Headsets in 2014

  1. LG Tone Ultra (LG HBS 800): The LG Tone Ultra comes with a unique ergonomic design, a behind the neck design with wired in ear headphones. The headset is lightweight, designed for quick, easy access to music and call controls. LG Tone Ultra is the third in the HBS series first being LG Tone HBS 700 and the second being LG Tone Plus HBS 730. But the newer version brings significant improvements over the previous versions. A premium sound experience is provided with the help of the JBL technology. Though the manufacture claims a better noise cancellation there isn’t big difference over the noise performance compared to the previous models. Also The HBS-800 has AptX support for devices that include that feature. With the noise-canceling off, you can get up to 15 hours or 10 hour if noise cancelling is on. Though there is a significant improvement in the design and voice, music quality the LG Tone Ultra is priced so high around $130 when compared to its precursors.
  2. Plantronics Backbeat Go II ($80): Plantronics Backbeat go 2 is a very small (smallest and lightest in my knowledge), compact headset comes with in ear design.  It offers a highly comfortable and secure fit. It is the second version of the series. Plantronics has made a few small changes to the design from it is precursor model. The inline remote/microphone has been tweaked so the buttons are easier to operate by a touch. You don’t find AptX technology here but overall the voice and music qualities are above par. Plantronics Backbeat go 2 provides a below par battery life of 4.5 hours (just same as its predecessor) and could give you a bitter experience while travelling but the company is offering a battery extension solution in the form of a bundle that includes a charging case ($20 extra).
  3. Jabra Clipper: Jabra clipper is a unique headset that can be clipped to your shirt hence the name. I t comes with 3.5 mm jack so that you may connect it with any other headphones even your home theatre. It comes with its own earphone though it failed to impress us. Jabra clipper offers secure and comfortable fit. Overall the quality is great for the money ($40). Mic performance are good and it has an alerting features if you fall out of range(10 meters). The Jabra Clipper offers battery life of 6 hours talk or music time.

Final Words

Now that you have seen our top 3 picks for best stereo Bluetooth headsets which one will you go for? Do you think this article has to include any other headset? Let us know

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