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All of us want to make our life colorful and lively. Life is full of busy schedules, sneaking secret peeks in the office, family issues, crowded places and much more irritating. Here is Sudoku—a kind of crossword without words that has characteristics of both the game and the brainstorming.

When you are tired of all the hectic work of the day, lying on your couch with a cup of coffee, nothing is better than to play an interesting game of Sudoku, a crazy-puzzle allowing you to play with numbers. The game that you can’t tame, no matter what level of competency or natural instincts, it is always stimulating nerves of your brain and thrills your soul. Playing Sudoku is like enjoying wings of liberty.

Sudoku consisting of a grid of nine rows of nine boxes that must be filled in so the numbers one through nine appear just once in each column, row and three-by-three square. It is a mind game exploring mental abilities, so you get to play without any delay of any sort whatsoever. Hope on your seat, up and down, as you get into the fun and excitement of the moment. The heat will be on as you enter the number arranging battle of trickery and stinging strategy. But keep in mind to stow away a few tactics in reserve.

They will come in handy to tackle the puzzle. If you play your tactics right on this beautiful game you might have a winning chance in a million. It is enjoyable and at the same time so liberating to be in the midst of a struggle to solve the puzzle for peace and freedom of mind. A strive and struggle to get the numbers in a definite place brings a harmonious feeling of inner satisfaction. A genuine catharsis of your senses, your aggressive impulses will find a proper channel via this great game. It is a source of relaxation, meditation, calming anxieties, escape from bitterness of life and taking away your mind off the non-logical aspects of daily life.


Logical puzzles are not always only a mere source of fun or entertainment. Sudoku has always come with a source of enhancing your mental capabilities to solve the problems in a better and cohesive manner. It is like building a sense of creativity to solve educational problems especially in mathematics.

It is beneficial for young kids to apply innocent skills of their minds to solve puzzle and also applying these skills to solve other related problems of their educational books. In this way, it plays a remarkable role in developing their skills in solving problems of math and improving their abilities significantly. It improves logical reasoning, broadens thinking aspects, building creative ideas by stimulating brain cells which are helpful for kids to become more motivating towards learning.

Sudoku urges a strong motivational force in kids to solve unknown problems which develops a positive attitude to solve problems of mathematics. Sudoku can also be used as a useful tool for weak students to develop their interest in studies.

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