Plug In and Get Outdoors: How Wearable Technology Could Enhance Your Training

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Wearable Technology

Tech and Trends:- The rapid advance of technology brings a number of advancements to society, and you might not realize just how beneficial these advancements can be. Everyone is aware of the benefits for business professionals on the go and those looking for entertainment outside the house, but are you aware of how this new technology can help you meet your fitness goals?

Websites such as can help you identify the right piece of technology to aid you in meeting fitness goals, but the following guide can help you start identifying other technology that offers fitness benefits you may not have been aware of yet.

Fitness Watches, Pedometers, and More

Smart fitness watches and pedometers are nothing new for fitness fanatics, but advancing technology has made them even more productive fitness partners. Modern fitness watches and pedometers can not only accurately track courses, distance, and number of steps, but can also record various workouts over time and help establish goals to meet going forward.

According to an extensive review of wearable tech by, the following are some of the best fitness gadgets available in 2014:

– Fitbit Zip: Compact and portable, the Fitbit tracks steps and calories, and will sync to programs on PCs and smartphones.
– Withings Pulse: A simple fitness watch, this device serves as a pedometer and heart rate monitor that syncs to both Android and iPhone devices.
– Nike+ FuelBand: A very popular model, this simple wristband offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for constant syncing, is water resistant, sends hourly motivational reminders, and with your permission, shares via social media to connect with other fitness fanatics.
– Basis Science B1 Band: Fashion and function combined into one fitness watch, this device tracks steps, calories, heart rate, and syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.

Wearable Technology

Cutting Edge Wearable Tech

As noted by Shape Magazine, there is a new wave of wearable technology that can help you meet your fitness goals, and these aren’t your standard fitness watches. Wearable technology is advancing quickly to include glasses, gloves, shirts, and socks that help fitness fanatics meet their goals, and you might be surprised just how beneficial these pieces of wearable tech could be.

Recent examples of advancement in wearable tech include the following:

– Turn Signal Gloves for Cyclists: Drivers are being encouraged to share the road with cyclists, but there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself a little bit. The Zackees Turn Signal Gloves have bright LED lights that help you indicate your movements to drivers around you, while protecting your hands and improving grip.
– Smart shirts and socks: A new startup company, Sensoria manufactures smart shirts, socks, and sports bras that will sync with a smartphone app to track your speed, calories, altitude, cadence, foot landings, and even weight distribution to help you meet your fitness goals.
– Smart Glasses: Google Glass is the more well-known smart glass technology at the moment, but Recon Jet smart glasses fill a similar niche. Both work with third-party apps to help view workout data while you run, hike, bike, or walk.

There are two ways to view fitness technology: ignore it or embrace it. If you already have a smartphone and/or tablet, why not let those devices and new fitness technology help you improve the productivity of your fitness program?

John Doran is an exercise junkie who knows not everyone loves the gym. He enjoys blogging about creative ways to find motivation and have fun while exercising in order to stay fit and healthy.

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